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After first month of operation with the ecobee EMS system on one of our clients stores we have seen a $250.00 dollar savings on hydro alone. When a client calls to tell us this PRICELESS !!!!!!!!! thanks again ecobee.

A&T Mechanical Heating and Air

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"It looks a lot cooler than my thermostat, but that’s not the only reason to love ecobee. In addition to its modern look and simple touch screen programming, the ecobee is designed to save you time, energy, and money. Green made easy, this thermostat was designed in partnership with homeowners and HVAC technicians and made…


After first month of operation with the ecobee EMS system on one of our clients stores we have seen a $250.00 dollar savings on hydro alone. When a client calls to tell us this PRICELESS !!!!!!!!! thanks again ecobee.

A&T Mechanical Heating and Air

"I love my ecobee thermostats - I have two and in the first year of having them I saved enough money on my oil bill to pay for my thermostat."


I love the ecobee stat - best thing since sliced bread.


Love the ecobee thermostats, I have two. I recommend it to anyone with commercial buildings especially apartments. One of my thermostats would not connect to the internet anymore, they sent me another one right away. Good service and Merry Christmas to everyone at ecobee.

A.G., Business Owner

We def­i­nite­ly ap­pre­ci­ate the ecobee, and you will too - es­pe­cial­ly if you want to man­age your home tem­per­a­ture in an eco-friend­ly way.

Truly Indoors

I have been enjoying my two Ecobee thermostats for over 18 months. One of them has a sensor module module with a flush-mounted sensor. The other one will soon have the same. I love them. No more complaining from my wife!


We recently completed the installation of 48 ecobee EMS thermostats at each of our 40 Midwest Cellular retail locations. Our stores are located across 3 states, so we used to have to send someone out to each location twice a year to ensure there were no issues with the HVAC equipment. With the ecobee EMS…

Terry Claypool, Midwest Cellular

Great remote tool for both monitoring and managing the climate of our home. Can't wait to use a Smart Plug to get our hot water tank online increasing our already terrific results!


I want to tell you how excited and impressed I am with your thermostat. I’ve been waiting for a cost-effective solution for remote management if thermostat scheduling and you have certainly delivered.

Scott, Energy Conservation & Utility Manager

I have 9 ecobee thermostats across 3 properties and love your product.

Roger, Commercial Customer

The ecobee Smart Si lives up to the name. It’s Smart! It does what it promises and then some! First and foremost, I truly love the fact that you don’t have to pay for the service. The information the Smart Si gathers is valuable, and is available when you are away from your home. You…

Robot Reviews

The ecobee Smart Si lives up to the name. It’s Smart! It does what it promises and then some ... I highly recommend ecobee’s Smart Si. I give the ecobee Smart Si Thermostat a 5-Star Rating!

Robot Reviews

Where has this thing been all my life? I should have bought one when it first came out! Give us more add ons like the SmartPlug!!!


Where has this thing been all my life? I should have bought one when it first came out! Give us more add ons like the SmartPlug!!!


"You guys are one of a kind - that's a good thing! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm very excited to start using this smart device."


"I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for the GREAT Customer Service that ecobee provided to me. All my questions were answered in a timely manor and the communication were great. Keep up the good work! In addition, I plan to recommend ecobee to all my family and friends."


I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for the GREAT Customer Service that ecobee provided to me. All my questions were answered in a timely manor and the communication were great. Keep up the good work! In addition, I plan to recommend ecobee to all my family and friends.


"The ecobee thermostat and iPhone app was worth every penny. My wife tells me on every trip to the vacation home what a great purchase it was."


The Smart Thermostat will bring a ton of new business and opens up a whole new market of customers for us!

Professional Review

I am putting a lot of stake in the Smart Thermostat and I predict that it will increase my business dramatically. It gives me a one up on the competition right now and I am working hard to get it in as many homes as possible.

Professional opinion

Once we install the thermostat in a few homes and get referrals, sales will sky rocket.

Professional opinion

We decided to try out the ecobee EMS product for our 135,000 sq/ft furniture retail location in St. Louis, Missouri in January 2011. Right away, we were able to track an energy savings of 25-30% month over month, which equated to huge cost savings. We were so impressed by
the product, and the savings we received,…

Patrick Winkler, Weekends Only Furniture

I wanted to start by saying thank you for an excellent product. I am an HVAC technician by trade so I am familiar with a wide selection of WiFi thermostats but I think you offer the best product at this time and for a pretty reasonable cost compared to the alternatives. I only recently installed…


There are plenty of programmable thermostats on the market. But, if the interface feels like you are looking for a secret passage in an old Donkey Kong game then they are useless. The ecobee Smart Thermostat is designed so that you can actually use it. It makes your home comfort intuitive and simple to control.…

Old House Web

New user, I am impressed with this very easy to use either from the web or on the thermostat.

New User

"Our ecobee has saved us from major issues twice this year, one with heat and one with AC. Both times when the furnace malfunctioned we received emails notifying us of a problem. Since we don't reside at the house on a full time basis, it was nice to be informed before a major issue occurred."


"I love being able to change the "resting temperature" of my lake house when I am in Chicago and about to drive 82 miles up in the middle of the winter. Also terrific to get reminders to change filters, to get serviced, and to know the outside temperature when I'm inside. Well worth it!!"


The main feature we love though of this thermostat is of course that it is WiFi enabled and we can change and monitor it from anywhere. I wish we would have had this a few months ago when we were coming back from vacation to a 84 degree house. Overall, I wouldn’t go back to…

Mom and More

14 ecobee EMS thermostats were installed in our 80,000 sq/ft church in June 2011, and we saw a reduction of nearly 50% in our energy costs within the first two months. We saved so much so quickly, our utilities company even contacted us to find out how! They’ve now taken us off their demand rating…

Mike Strope, First Assembly of God

"We saved so much so quickly, our utilities company even contacted us to find out how! They've now taken us off their demand rating system so we are able to reap the benefits of preferred energy rates."

Mike Strope

In August I upgraded to an ecobee (residential model). It is a great product and enjoy both using it and showing it off. It has truly made a difference in the way I manage my HVAC, and given me huge peace of mind when away from home.


I finally got a chance to get my ecobee Smart thermostat installed and I am very impressed! Not only does the touch screen thermostat look pretty cool and is easy to interface with, but the personalized web portal is amazing.


"I’ve been very happy with both ecobee thermostats, and I think the new Smart Si thermostat is one of the best options on the market."


"I love ecobee because it is WiFi and I can check everything online. Any computer, anywhere, I can check and modify my program. I love it even more because we are saving money with a more efficient thermostat. The touch screen is an added bonus!"


"100 reasons why I love my ecobee :) -- Number #57 I love being able to lay in bed and turn on my air conditioning! Thank you ecobee"


I love my ecobee! I love the remote access, the FREE Web Portal, and the energy reports. I think it is an amazing thermostat. Eventually, I am going to install remote sensors to monitor room temperature fluctuations and moisture by my water heater and RO system! It is a great product and value!


"What a great product! it performs as is stated. nothing better than turning on the ac from my iphone and coming home to a cool house!"

Lisa Spieli

We opted for the ecobee EMS thermostats as opposed to a Building Automation System in our 11,000 sq/ft 2-storey church due to the significant cost savings we were able to realize with ecobee. The ability to control our facility’s heating and cooling system anytime, from anywhere, and the superior customer service we received was icing…

Larry Conrad, Trinity Lutheran Church

My favorite thing? Warming up the master bedroom from my iPhone when heading home in the evening on a cold winter day. And vice versa...


Unlike any other programmable thermostat on the market, the ecobee Smart Thermostat empowers homeowners to manage their home energy consumption via the Internet. Through Wi-Fi technology, this real-time functionality allows users to control home temperature from anyplace at any time. So if you go on vacation and forget to program your thermostat before you leave,…


"ecobee is AWESOME! Purchased when we got our new heating and AC system. Perfect to control your house setting when you are out of town, delayed or the weather changes unexpectedly."


I am using the Smart Thermostat as a retention tool. It is great that you can insert your company information in the thermostat and it appears whenever an alert is sent. It is one of the best features that the thermostat has over the competition.


We found the interface extremely intuitive and easy to understand. And the ecobee customer service team was a pleasure to work with incredibly responsive and helpful.

John Thompson, IT Director Kitchen Stuff Plus

We love our ecobee Smart Thermostat. We have two homes and split time between them. So it is great to be able to access and set the thermostat remotely.


The online web portal is revolutionary and is just as simple to navigate as the thermostat itself.


We've been living with our ecobee Smart Thermostat for over a week, now, and we're still delighted. This has to be one of the most thoughtfully designed products of any sort on the market.


Clearly ecobee is the way of the future.


ecobee rocks worth the money made it easy to find energy misuses in my hvac and home. Also the ability to lock the temp adjustment range makes it great when the wife complains about too cold or hot she can't swing temp too far...


I purchased my ecobee when I had my Air Conditioning system replaced in our home in Florida. On a daily basis I can adjust my settings for a 50% savings throughout the summer months in energy costs. Home automation and remote control is the way forward, well done ecobee!!


Great thermostat. Had it 2 years. Just ordered the Smart Plug starter kit too!


When I was looking for a programmable thermostat I didn't find anything that even came close to being as functional as the ecobee.

Giancarlo Gallo, Operations – Metalworks

Abilene Texas has an entire new housing development using ecobee - You should come here and see how your units keep up with the Texas summer heat!


Love my Ecobee. Installed it over a year ago. I am on a monthly pay plan with Union gas and prior to installation I was paying $109. My monthly payment is now down to $80. Way to go Ecobee.


Just received my Zigbee module & SmartPlug! Setup was easy as 1-2-3, and everything works fine.


On my third month... Each month after the install, I have averaged a savings of at least $100 in electric bill... It has fully paid for itself already. It replaced another brand of "computer controlled" thermostat...


Toronto’s ecobee has modernized the household thermostat for the iPhone age, allowing customers to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Financial Post Magazine

We chose ecobee for our 1.7 million square foot grocery warehouse location in Denver, Pennsylvania and the system paid for itself within the first week of being installed! The installation of the ecobee EMS thermostats was quite simple to do—pretty impressive considering the complexity of the equipment we were working with. The User Interface is…

Eric Strunk, Facility Maintenance Supervisor, SUPERVALU®

The ecobee Smart Thermostat is an advanced temperature control system for your home, which makes it easier to save energy through having more control of your central heating system. The ecobee allows you to set up highly specific schedules for your heating and cooling systems, rather than the twice-daily on/off settings that exist on most…


I put 20 at a private school in Houston Texas. The electric bill dropped an average of $3000 a month since June! I would suggest everyone get an ecobee.

Elite Comfort AC

I am very impressed that the Smart Thermostat has figured out the way my house operates. It now understands how long it takes to heat up my house and knows when to begin heating.

ecobee user

Just wanted to thank you for being such a great company. I show your thermostat to my friends and tell them about the benefits of having your product. The tablet app reflects your dedication. Don't have a tablet, but it's nice to know if I do get one I can access my home thermostat with…

ecobee user

Aesthetically, it looks great and is a conversation piece whenever someone comes into the house.

ecobee user

The features of the thermostat are excellent. I use the alerts, especially the filter change, and it works great. I use the weather function everyday. It is a fantastic feature to have on something that measures temperature.

ecobee user

We just wanted to say we have had my ecobee for a week, and it works flawless. The web interface is completely user friendly and accurate. We have a 40 year old boiler and a 20 year old A/C, and I never thought I would be controlling them wireless from my phone and PC. We…

ecobee user

The ecobee Smart Thermostat is extremely accurate and has a fast response whenever I give it a command. When I change the temperature on the web portal, it is an instaneous change on the thermostat and vice versa.

ecobee user

I've always believed that the true colors of a company is the after sale service. In this respect, ecobee has been first rate.

ecobee customer

I am SO HAPPY to have ecobee thermostats on both floors of my home, and a smart plug controlling the downstairs humidifier. It makes me wonder how I ever managed humidity in any type of energy efficient way while I was not at home (I didn't really).

ecobee customer

Just a testimony to how awesome a thermostat the ecobee is…it is so awesome that my wife asked for it in the divorce settlement! Seriously!

ecobee customer

ecobee is ahead of its time & is a must have thermostat with top functionality with ease of use!


ecobee’s products are so much more than the device mounted on the wall. There’s a full suite of tools available through an online portal, as well as mobile apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

E Source

ecobee is a tremendous and efficient way to be energy conscious! Super reliable and convenient!

D.Y., Homeowner

My thermostat just emailed me to tell me it was unusually hot in my summer home. I ♥ Ecobee!


I love my Ecobee system. It’s installed at my 2nd home on the lake. I can turn my air conditioner on, and when I get there the house is nice and cool. Same for the winter. Wish I had this years ago.


Used our ecobee to turn on the home AC when we were leaving our boat. By the time we got home - the house was nice and cool! We LOVE ecobee!!!


Used our ecobee to turn on the home AC when we were leaving our boat. By the time we got home - the house was nice and cool! We LOVE ecobee!!!


Staying warm through the Dec 20 blizzard thanks to my ecobee thermostat.


I love my ecobee!


Ecobee is a fantastic addition to our summer home allowing us to remotely set the indoor temperature so it is perfect when we arrive! No more waiting for the house to warm up or cool down! It provides peace of mind with any related issues as we receive e-mail alerts notifying us of any problems…


I am a commercial building automation tech and I bought this for my home. It ROCKS!


Holy smokes this thing is amazing! I've been using a programmable thermostat for years, but I've never seen this kind of customization flexibility...


We installed 32 ecobee EMS thermostats in our 100,000sq/ft church, and within weeks of the installation we’ve seen a significant amount of energy savings. I can control all 32 thermostats right from my iPad, and I receive Alerts right away if there is an issue with our HVAC equipment so there are no surprises when…

Chris Talburt, Facilities Manager High Street Baptist Church

"Just turned up my thermostat so that it won't be frigid in my Wisconsin home when we turn from Costa Rica in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks, ecobee!"


My grandson just installed ecobee in our house down the beach. It's just wonderful to turn in on when we leave for the beach. It's nice and cool when we arrive. Love it!


ecobee was our surpassed the others. Did my research and I was convinced that my home and we were deserving! Can I say..."EXCITED". No more cold and hot sweats waiting for temperatures to rise & fall! Love it! Thank you...ecobee & Holistic Home Energy Service...we're always connected!


How cool is this? I installed my new Smart SI thermostat in less than an hour including the wifi/internet setup. Incredibly easy & powerful. Gives me remote control/access to my home’s HVAC system for peace of mind while I’m away. I just ordered a 2nd unit. What a bargain! Another small point- no batteries!!!! I’ve…


"I’ve had my ecobee for about six months now. I always had a programmable thermostat, but I really didn't utilize it because it was so hard to program. I use the smart phone app all the time to change my settings. I'm a believer in this product. No other thermostat can do what this one…


We currently have 18 ecobee EMS thermostats installed at a number of our commercial properties in several locations. Because our properties are located across 5 states, we especially love the remote connectivity and the fact that we can group together and control multiple thermostats right from the Web Portal. One thing that really sets ecobee…

Andrew Spilseth, Elevate Property Management