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Save more. Live comfortably. Conserve energy.

PSEG Long Island wants to reward you for conserving energy by offering you $85 for each ecobee thermostat connected to a central air conditioning system you enroll in their Smart Savers program.

Plus, you can earn $25 per thermostat for each additional year you remain enrolled in the program.*

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Save more. Live comfortably. Conserve energy.

How it works?

How it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Purchase, install, and register your ecobee thermostat.
  2. Click here to apply for your $85 cheque.
  3. You'll receive a check in the mail 6 weeks after your application has been submitted.

Sign up today, save more, and live comfortably.

* To earn $25 in each subsequent program year, you must fully participate in a minimum of 50% of all thermostat adjustment events during the program period.