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Get the most from your ecobee

by on July 27, 2016

By: Fatima Crerar, Senior Manager, Social Impact
Who says you have to choose between saving energy and staying comfortable? We’ve designed ecobee so you can have the best of both worlds.

Let’s figure out how we can optimize your ecobee so you get the most out of it.
1) Keep your ecobee online
By enabling wi-fi on your ecobee, it can track the temperature outside. This allows your ecobee to find savings by optimizing your system’s “runtime” (literally the hours for which your HVAC runs) by predicting how much effort will be needed to deliver your desired comfort. If it’s blazing hot outside, ecobee will get started earlier but if it’s mild, ecobee will just fine-tune things for you. No wasted effort and no wasted energy! Without enabling wi-fi you can miss these savings.
On your ecobee, connect to your wi-fi network under Settings. And remember to update it if you change your network password or get a new router!
2) Set your schedule
This is key. ecobee wants to know what you want. Take a minute and determine your general patterns for when you’re Home, Away and Sleep. Consider weekends and weekdays. This is fundamental to finding savings, and with ecobee you never compromise on comfort. Check out this great post on how to think about your personal Schedule.
It’s easy to set up. Login to the ecobee web portal and select Schedule. Then choose New Comfort Setting and input your preferences, including a “setback” and “setforward”, or how much you permit the temperature to vary. We recommend 4˚F up or down. Start by creating one for Away. Once complete, hit the Save button. Back in the Schedule screen, add this new Setting to your Schedule, by clicking Add Activity. It’s that easy, and now you’ll no longer heat or cool your home when there’s no one there to enjoy it!

3) Use Smart Home/Away
This feature is awesome. Smart Home/Away asks your ecobee to use sensors to detect for occupancy. It’s a great complement to the Schedule feature, because we know your days don’t always stay the same. With Smart Home/Away, ecobee can stay on top of things, when you deviate from your Schedule.
To enable Smart Home/Away, go to the Menu on your ecobee thermostat, inside the portal or app and go to Sensors. Select Smart Home/Away and set it to enabled. Voila!
With these tips, you should be on your way to deeper savings. Set a reminder in your calendar to check your Home IQ report next month and see how these ideas helped. And please be sure to let us know how they worked by emailing