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sensor for doors and windows
$99$59 in savings

Home sensors that detect activity and occupancy at doors and windows for better peace of mind.

Home sensors that detect activity and occupancy at doors and windows for better peace of mind.

Grow your ecobee Haven ecosystem.

Broaden the scope of ecobee Haven home monitoring (subscription required) with four sensors that send entry alerts to your mobile device and monitor occupancy without obstructing family life.

  • Occupancy alerts
  • Entry alerts
  • Contact sensor
  • No wires. Installs in seconds.
  • Wirelessly connects to all ecobee devices

Watch as our sensors track the comings and goings at home so you can stay connected.

Bring your home together.

Maintain perspective on your home.

Automatic monitoring for doors, windows, drawers, and cabinets.

Works with ecobee Haven, the responsive home monitoring solution.

Come and go as you please. It adapts to your presence and only sends alerts and notifications worthy of your attention. ecobee customers are invited to try it free for 1 month.

  • Door and window monitoring
  • Auto arm/disarm
  • Smart Notifications
  • Occupancy alerts
Explore ecobee Haven

Features & Specs
Designed for everyday life.

Connect with harmonious solutions for the whole home.

ecobee sensors work with ecobee thermostats, cameras, and ecobee Haven, the responsive home monitoring solution, for whole home comfort and peace of mind.

1) SmartCamera with voice control

Check in when sensors detect in-home activity when you’re away. The 1080p wide-angle lens ensures a clear view.

2) SmartSensor for doors and windows

Sends notifications when doors and windows are opened and alerts when activity is detected when you’re not home. Check in live with the camera.

3) SmartSensor

Sets the temperature for comfort in the rooms that matter most and works with thermostats and cameras to extend home monitoring throughout the home.

4) SmartThermostat with voice control

Works with sensors to monitor for any unexpected activity and notifies you of sudden temperature drops that could result in burst pipes.

Enjoy peace of mind. ecobee customers are invited to try ecobee Haven free for 1 month.

Learn more

Follow the guide for instant installation on any window or door. No tools needed.

Purchase with peace of mind

Return it for free within 30 days for a full refund.

Free shipping

Receive it in 2 to 3 business days.

Warranties without worry

ecobee devices are covered by a 3-year limited warranty.

Clarity when you need it

Our helpful support team is only a call away.

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