High street church

Case Study
High Street Baptist Church

In 1978, the High Street Baptist Church moved into a new 100,000sq/ft building in Springfield, Missouri.

The immense facility boasts over 40 areas utilized for a variety of activities, drawing over 2,000 people each week for Sunday service, Bible study, community group meetings, business networking events, weddings, children’s programs and more. The facility is open 7 days a week and hosts 25-30 events weekly.


Event Scheduling
Optimize comfort in advance

Pre-set your thermostat settings for events with a start date and time or set to 'away' when unoccupied.

Mobile App
Control everywhere from anywhere

Gives you access and control over each and every thermostat, no matter where you are.

Reliable Data
A closer look at your energy usage

Data access at your fingertips so you take actions and adjust your settings.

Customer Story

"Anytime I contacted ecobee’s Technical Support I got a real, knowledgeable person on the phone. I knew there was going to be service after the sale. We just felt more comfortable with ecobee." — Chris Talburt, Facilities Manager, High Street Baptist Church

A need for an efficient system

The facility’s inefficient and degenerating 1980’s DOS-based energy management system was no longer in-line with the church’s progressive philosophy. The unreliable and often inaccurate system wasted hours of the Facilities Manager's time, and a large number of unnecessary service calls cost the church tens of thousands of dollars per year.

With 25-30 events at the church each week, the Facilities Manager spent over 5 hours programming the thermostats on a weekly basis. Budgetary restraints prevented the church from being able to afford an estimated $130,000 for a new Building Automation System—so they began researching alternatives.

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A forward-thinking organization

To mirror the church's progressive mindset, they searched for a solution that would be compatible with their complex computer network and provide remote access for making program changes and conducting diagnostics.

ecobee’s Regional Sales Manager paid a visit to the facility to demonstrate product capabilities, explained how the solution would meet their needs, and answered questions.

“Even after the units had been installed, Jay [ecobee’s Regional Sales Manager] showed up to see how the installation went and he gave us pointers on how to make things run more efficiently, and maximize our energy savings. I knew we had made the right choice.”

Smart Recovery

Through the Web Portal, the church’s Facilities Manager now receives alerts on an iPad or computer when there is an issue with the equipment. System reports are delivered through the comfort of their own device so he can remotely troubleshoot to determine if a service call is necessary.

ecobee's HVAC run-time reporting showed the system was only turning on approximately 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled event to attain the desired temperature. As a result, ecobee’s Smart Recovery feature is estimated to reduce the HVAC runtime by anywhere from 25 to 75%.

Church outside

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