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ecobee Contractor Portal

Get to know your customers

Get quick access to detailed customer information associated with selected thermostats including first and last name, address, phone number, thermostat serial number, alerts, reminders, reports and current connectivity status. 

Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot issues

View detailed HVAC reports from your Contractor Portal and remotely diagnose and troubleshoot customers’ equipment problems. You can see a list of new alerts as well as a list of archived alerts for historical reference. Not only can you provide proactive customer service, but you can avoid unnecessary site visits. 

Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot issues

Always be prepared
and save time

We make it easy to view your customers’ equipment details so you only have to take the necessary tools and parts on a site visit. This information is editable by you and includes the thermostat serial number as well as the make and model of their HVAC equipment. With our Map View tool you can plan your scheduled routes by alert and reminder type and save time by routing your service calls more efficiently. 

Always be prepared<br />and save time

Send branded service
reminders and specials

Upload your business contact information to the Contractor Portal and it will appear in the alerts and reminders section of your customers’ thermostat. This will remind them to contact you when their equipment is in need of service, help deepen your relationship with them, and ultimately win the service and maintenance business.

Send branded service<br /> reminders and specials