Duke Energy Carolinas Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age;
  • You must have one or more Devices that are compatible with and connected to the Vendor platform (“Service”) and compatible with the Program design;
  • Maintain an active account in good standing on the Service and a continuous connection between your enrolled Devices and the Service;
  • Assist Sponsor Parties’ support personnel in troubleshooting and resolving connectivity, firmware and other Device-related issues
  • If you have two or more eligible WiFi-connected thermostats in your household and would like to participate in the Program, all thermostats must be enrolled in the Program. All thermostats in the home must be WiFi-connected to be eligible for the Program (customers that have at least one standard thermostat that is not WiFi-connected are not eligible to apply). Customers with multiple enrolled WiFi connected thermostats in one household are only eligible for one Enrollment Incentive and one annual Participation Incentive
  • Residential time-of-use, net metering or small customer generator customers are ineligible
  • Participants in the Power Manager option that connects a device to their air conditioner’s outdoor unit and provides credits on their summer electric bills are ineligible