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Save more. Live comfortably. Conserve energy.

Austin Energy wants to reward you for conserving energy by paying you $85 to enroll your ecobee thermostat into the Power Partner℠ Thermostat Program to help avoid power outages in your community.

Save more. Live comfortably. Conserve energy.

How it works

Sign up for Austin Energy’s Power Partner℠ Thermostat program and get $85 for each ecobee thermostat you own.
It’s that simple.

How it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Purchase, install, and register your ecobee thermostat.
  2. Click here to apply to the Power Partner℠ Thermostat Program. Signing up takes only a few minutes, but make sure to have your account number ready.
  3. Applications will take four to six weeks to be processed. After being approved, you will receive a $85 check in the mail.

NOTE: Austin Energy offers an additional $25 rebate for simply purchasing and installing a new ecobee thermostat. To apply for this separate rebate, visit and click the "Apply Online" button under the How to Apply tab. Your rebate will be processed within 4-6 weeks.

Sign up today, save more, and live comfortably.