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The APS Cool Rewards program is temporarily closed for enrollment until March 9th while it transitions to eco+. Please contact [email protected] with any program or application inquiries.

Live comfortably. Conserve energy.

If you are a residential APS customer, you can earn a $50 bill credit per thermostat controlling a central cooling system by enrolling into the APS Cool Rewards program and also get an annual $25 participation bill credit per thermostat enrolled in the program.

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Live comfortably. Conserve energy.

APS Cool Rewards Program

Participants will receive the enrollment bill credit when accepted into the program, within one to two billing cycles. Participants who enroll during the Cool Rewards event season (June 1 through September 30) will receive the first participation bill credit in the current season. Those who enroll after the event season (October 1 through May 30) will receive the first participation bill credit during the next event season in June. Thereafter, participants will receive the participation bill credits annually in June, as long as the program is available.