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Feature Friday: Vacation Schedule

by on July 27, 2018

The Vacation feature on your ecobee helps you conserve energy while you are away for extended periods and ensures your home is at a comfortable temperature before you arrive home. The Vacation feature is smart, which means you can leave your normal schedule as-is, and your ecobee will automatically return to it when your vacation ends. You can even create multiple vacations, so you can program it right when you book your vacations, and not have to think about it again.

In case something does happen while you’re away, the Alerts functionality will notify you and your contractor (if you program it to) so you can have it taken care of right away.

You can also check in on your home at anytime using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, as long as you have an internet connection. Has your flight been delayed? Extend your vacation from the mobile app. Need to return sooner than expected? No problem, you can end the vacation from the airport to ensure your home is comfortable by the time you arrive home.

To set a Vacation schedule on Thermostat or Mobile:

  1. Under the My Devices screen, select the Main Menu > Vacation
  2. Touch Set a vacation
  3. Enter the departure date and time
  4. Enter the return date and time
  5. Select the devices to include in this vacation
  6. Touch the back arrow
  7. Select your ecobee thermostat setting
  8. Configure the set point(s) for heat and/or cool during the vacation event
  9. Touch the Back arrow
  10. Touch Save

The vacation event is now set. You can adjust it at any time by selecting it from the Vacation menu.

To delete a vacation event:

  1. Select Main Menu > Vacation
  2. Select the vacation you want to delete
  3. Touch Delete Vacation
  4. Confirm the deletion by pressing Delete Vacation

On Web:

  1. Login to your HomeIQ account on
  2. Select your ecobee device and click View Full Details
  3. Select Vacation Tile > New Vacation
  4. Enter the departure date and time
  5. Enter the return date and time
  6. Select Heat and Cool
  7. Enable or disable heat and cool during the period as required
  8. Select the set points for heat and/or cool
  9. Select Save
  10. Select Fan and set the minimum fan run time per hour, if different than your normal settings
  11. Select Save