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ecobee Acts to empower women in the tech world

by on March 6, 2018

It’s common knowlege that there’s a gender gap in the tech industry. Although strides are being taken to properly represent women in this world, we know that more work must be done and that a fundamental shift needs to happen. We want to be a part of an industy that ensures true equity, equality and empowerment for all people, including women and girls looking to flex their tech-savy minds.

The next step towards a better future should be guided by the next generation. 

We recently held an all-day workshop with the Teens Learning Code here at ecobee HQ. Teens Learning Code is a program that offers female-identified youth opportunities to learn more than just coding. It opens the door for a community of people to attend hands-on, project-based classes to build digital skills beyond just educational means—but to build skills as tools of empowerment.

Our ecobee volunteers walked a group of girls involved in the program through a number of different activities, including an introduction to electronics, the basics of programming and computer skills, and an introductory discussion of the hardware behind some of our products.

ecopeeps working in social impact, industrial hardware design and UX design also led discussions that helped shed light on both the professional and personal experiences of women working in their respective fields within the tech space.

Standing up for a cause with ecobee Acts. 

We’re proud to support employees in causes that are important to them. Each member of the hive is given one day per quarter to give back to their community by volunteering. This program is known within the company as ecobee Acts. A big shout-out to Erin Morris, a Product UX Designer at ecobee for organizing this event and for volunteering her time alongside all the other employees who helped out and made the ecobee field trip a memorable day for everyone involved.

It’s opportunities like working Teens Learning Code that help bridge the gap in the tech industry. Together we can build a workplace that brings a community together and ensures that everyone, including women, girls, people, people with disabilities and Indigenous youth are given the equal chance to access, learn, grow and build a future in the tech world.