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How does Smart Recovery work?

by on August 8, 2017


What is Smart Recovery?

We know saving energy is important to you – but so is staying comfy. That’s why we created the ecobee Smart Recovery feature. When Smart Recovery is enabled, your ecobee will pre-emptively heat or cool your home ahead of your next scheduled change. This ensures your home is at a comfortable temperature for the moments that matter – whether you’re just getting your day started or finally crawling into bed.

How does Smart Recovery work?

As your ecobee thermostat gets to know you and your heating and cooling patterns it learns how long it takes your home to get to a desired temperature, taking into account the performance of your equipment and the effects of weather on your home. The longer you’ve had your thermostat, the more data it has and the better it is at predicting how long it will take to bring your home to a certain temperature.

Once your thermostat understands how long it takes your home to heat up or cool down, it can use this information to figure out how far in advance it needs to turn on to get to a desired temperature by a specific time. Let’s say you would like your home to be at 72F when you return from home at 6PM. Your thermostat will decide how early it should turn on to reach 72F by 6 PM while minimizing the time it runs. It will automatically adjust its pre-emptive runtime for the indoor and outdoor temperature that day, keeping you comfortable and saving you as much as possible while doing it!

You can easily customize your Smart Recovery settings from your thermostat, mobile device or laptop.


To edit your settings from your thermostat:

  • Select Main Menu > Settings > Preferences
  • Select Heating Smart Recovery or Cooling Smart Recovery.
  • Touch Enable or Disable.


To edit your settings from the web portal:

  • Select Settings tile.
  • Select Preferences.
  • Select Smart Recover Heat Mode or Smart Recovery Cool Mode.
  • Select Enable or Disable.