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Bringing Sustainability to Social Housing

by on June 30, 2017

We believe everyone deserves a place to call home. For a lot of seniors and families living in our hometown of Toronto, their home is social housing.

Toronto Community Housing provides homes for almost 110,000 people across 2,100 buildings and is constantly working to improve their buildings and the quality of life for their residents. One major challenge they’re facing is a lack of control over heating, and the amount of energy used to keep tenants comfortable. Apartments in these types of buildings usually don’t have thermostats and during the winter the heating is continually running. Residents are uncomfortable and energy bills are too high. That’s where ecobee can make a real difference.

Our ecobee3 smart thermostats are being installed in 776 apartments across four buildings, giving residents control of their heating for the first time ever. No more overheating. No more wasted energy. Now residents can enjoy the comfort of their home and Toronto Community Housing can help to meet the city’s climate change action plan.

Social housing can be sustainable. Residents can be comfortable. It only makes sense to get involved. Stay tuned for updates.