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A Buzzworthy Announcement! ecobee now works with Keen Smart Vents

by on February 15, 2017


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We’re Keen on this new partnership! ecobee now work with Keen Smart Vents

Now you can have the ultimate control over your home comfort while saving more on your energy bill. Keen Home Smart Vents now work with ecobee3 and room sensors. Using our wireless sensors in the same room as your Smart  Vent, you’ll be able to set your system to maintain a specific temperature for specific rooms. Want to keep your bedroom at a cool 70F but your living room at 74F, at the same time? With Keen Home Smart Vents + ecobee3 and room sensors you can!

What can ecobee and Keen Smart Vent do?

Pairing your ecobee3 thermostat and room sensors with your Smart Vents system gets you four features in the Keen Home app:

  • Temperature limits: By integrating your ecobee3 and ecobee3 room sensors with a Keen Home Smart Vent System, you’ll gain access to a new feature called “Temperature Limit”. With Temperature Limit, you can create a set temperature for each room and your Smart Vents will automatically close when that temperature is reached. This prevents rooms from being overheated and overcooled, and redirects air towards rooms that need it more.
  • Set “hold” temperature: You can configure your ecobee’s hold temperature right from the Keen Home app. This is useful for pre-heating your home while you are away or cooling down the upstairs bedroom before bed in the summer.
  • Multiple thermostats: Add dd multiple ecobee thermostats to create multiple zones in your  home.
  • Group and assign zones: Group  multiple rooms with Keen Home Smart Vents into  zones and assign the zones to specific ecobee3s and room sensors.


What do I need to integrate with ecobee and Keen Home Smart Vents?

You need the following to start:

  1. A Keen Home Smart Bridge
  2. Keen Home Smart Vents for each room you want to control
  3. An ecobee3 thermostat or ecobee3 lite
  4. An ecobee3 room sensor for each room that you would like to set a Temperature Limit for (ecobee3 standard only)

Want to get started? Click here to learn how to connect your ecobee with Keen.