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From the Hive: Meet the Miller Family

by on November 10, 2016
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The following is a customer story from ecobee community members. Share your story with us today! 

Mike & Kelly Miller

Directors, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center 

Winters are tough. I mean, one winter here is equal to ten winters somewhere else, they’re like dog winters. At the wildlife center we help manage wildlife from the state of Alaska.  We always think of the animals first, they’re just an extension of our family. It can get cold quick, and the temperature inside can drop quick. With the ecobee, it’s great having the temperature controlled, even if we’re outside working. Having a sensor in each room, you can be assured when you come home everything is going to be the way you want it, just perfect. After being outside in the cold and the dark you close the door and the wind stops howling and it’s quiet and it’s warm. It’s just a world of difference.