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Big Ass compatibility. ecobee announces compatibility with Haiku fans by Big Ass Solutions

by on May 4, 2016

Haiku ceiling fans and the ecobee3 are now teaming up to provide even greater home comfort and energy efficiency. We are happy to announce as of today, Haiku Ceiling fans will now integrate with the ecobee3. All in time for the summer season.


The pairing of Haiku fans and ecobee can save you big this summer. The Haiku fan will create air movement and make you feel a few degrees cooler than the actual temperature in a room, so you can raise the temperature on your ecobee thermostat higher than normal and stay comfortable. It also has the “Whoosh” setting that randomly adjusts its speed in order to simulate a pleasant, ever-changing breeze.


Instead of having an entire floor controlled by a single temperature reading on a single thermostat, which is usually in a hallway, both Haiku and ecobee3 use sensor technology to target individual rooms. The ecobee3 thermostats incorporate wireless room sensors, and Haiku ceiling fans feature built-in temperature, humidity and occupancy sensors to adjust fan speed automatically as conditions change.


With both ecobee and Haiku announcing support with Amazon’s Alexa voice control system, with just a few words you’ll be able to control your heating or cooling, and even tell your fans to adjust their speed. A few steps closer to a fully voice controlled home.


The Haiku app is available for both iOS on the App store and Android on the Google Play store.





More information on Haiku fans: