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From the Hive: Tiffany Arnold

by on October 12, 2015

The following is a customer story from ecobee community member Tiffany Arnold. Share your story with us today!

Tiffany – I am a mom with three kids, a dog and a husband. We live in a four-bedroom two-story two-years-old suburban home with an unfinished basement. We’re social so we are in and out of the house quite a bit, and we tend to have friends over often.

A coworker of mine posted a spare ecobee he had for sale, and I was intrigued, so I looked more into ecobee. I work at an engineering firm that does mechanical, electrical and plumbing architectural engineering. I’m no engineer, so I trust our guys when they recommend a product like this. They definitely geek out on this kind of stuff.

When the ecobee3 was released, I went right for it. I didn’t even consider anything else. The sensors were such a brilliant idea; that’s what I wanted most of all.

In a two-story house without a zoned HVAC, it’s awesome to be able to count or discount each story. When we’re upstairs, we can make sure that upstairs is comfortable. Or, when we are all downstairs we don’t need to worry about whether the upstairs is too hot or cold.

The sensors are also great for our busy life. Smart Home/Away sets it to automatically help us save when we step out of the house and to keep us comfortable when we come back.