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From the Hive: Mark Coleman

by on October 22, 2015

The following is a customer story from ecobee community member Mark Coleman. Share your story with us today!

Mark – I’m a 35-year-old IT professional, Union Journeyman electrician, accomplished mechanic and all-around geek! I love all things electronic and technology including stereos and home theater. I live on a pond in a beautiful suburb and my wife, and I have two little ones running around the house.

I have to say that the Nest thermostat first made me aware of the capability of smart thermostats. I had never heard of ecobee. But, I never could get over the price of the Nest and the complaints about its limitations. So, I decided to wait for the price of the Nest to decrease, even if that meant getting an older generation. While I waited, I researched the industry more and came across the ecobee3. The features, especially the remote sensors, allowed me to justify the price of the thermostat and make it worthwhile. The ecobee3 features and remote sensors are incredible: you get a better bang for your buck than the rest.

I also read Steve Jenkin’s review online, and it was a raving review. That coupled with the Black Friday sale convinced me that I should buy an ecobee3. It has the best feature set, programming flexibility and looks on the market. Plus, it’s the only smart thermostat that comes with its own wireless remote sensors.