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From the Hive: Justen Burdette

by on October 26, 2015

The following is a customer story from ecobee community member Justen Burdette. Share your story with us today! 

Justen – I’m Justen! I’m the product manager for Ting, a U.S. mobile service. We just happen to be based in Toronto, and we’re part of Tucows. (Yes, if you’re over 30, that Tucows.) My partner and I live in the Harbourfront, in a three-story townhouse.

I think I became aware of the older ecobee models and Nest around the same time through online reviews. Back then, the Nest was — how do I put this — sexier than the Smart-series of thermostats. And, yes, I cared more about style than function. My Nest was fun, but it never saved me much money — and our comfort was, shall I say, not really enhanced.

I wasn’t entirely sure about my ecobee3 at first. Installing the Power Extender Kit seemed a bit daunting. But all in all, the installation few minutes longer than my Nest did, and my air conditioner and furnace are quite happy to have a properly installed, considerate thermostat friend! I’m also quite happy with the energy savings — and how comfortable our still-relatively-new home is, despite the challenges of heating and cooling a townhouse just a few yards from Lake Ontario!

The ecobee3 combined with remote sensors made perfect sense. I preordered and waited with bated breath for its arrival. I’m also happy to be supporting an awesome Canadian company.