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From the Hive: Carlos Flores

by on October 8, 2015

The following is a customer story from ecobee community member Carlos Flores. Share your story with us today!

Carlos – I’m a Computer Systems Engineer addicted to technology and always trying to find the way to simplify my life and savings with it. I’ve worked for IMC Companies in Memphis, TN since February of 2007. I’m the Director of Planning and Analysis for a Windows applications development.

Nine years ago, I replaced my single program thermostat for a 7-day programmable one. Then, I heard of the Nest and its features. I wasn’t sure if the expense for a nice thermostat was worth it, especially since it seemed to be lacking in features.

After I had seen ecobee in one of the tech blogs I read every day, I came across an article on ecobee outlining how it is better than the Nest. I was convinced that I should purchase an ecobee, and I am very happy with that decision.

Saving money was my first motivation to buy an ecobee, but my home has a very different temperature on each side of the house. The single zone thermostat was not an option for me. I started looking on Amazon for a multi-zone thermostat, and I was not thrilled with the only option that appeared. Even though the price was not bad, this solution wasn’t what I was looking. So, I started checking more advanced alternatives: Smart Thermostats.

ecobee has the best reviews and features available: The ability to control my environment with precision using the Remote Sensors, Programmable Schedule, Alerts and Reminders, and Smart Home/Away. There are just so many features that I feel no other product will ever match ecobee.