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From the Hive: Paul Roberson

by on September 24, 2015

The following is a customer story from ecobee community member Paul Roberson. Share your story with us today!

Paul – The Nest learning thermostat was my first exposure to smart thermostats. I tend to research everything quite a bit before I leap into new technology. In my research, I learned about the ecobee3 and decided it was the superior service and device. It was fairly new at the time, so I just kept an eye on it.

The remote sensors are one of the main features that made me want an ecobee3. The other factor that persuaded me was the information I read about the company. It seemed to be more innovative and already had successful thermostats on the market. I also think the ecobee3 is way cooler looking than any other thermostat.

We have only been running it for almost a month now, but the remote sensor really seems to make a difference in how much the thermostat runs. Sometimes perhaps more than it would if we did not have them in the upstairs rooms, but when we are all upstairs, who really cares what the temperature is at the wall thermostat.  I want the comfort to follow me.

I also really like the ability to control the thermostat from anywhere. We went on vacation, and I was able to set the thermostat to vacation mode after we left because I forgot to set it up prior to leaving. Since that trip, I have gotten more involved in updating planned trips and away times.

The installation took about 15 minutes, with the most difficult part being the decision to repaint where the old unit was prior to mounting the ecobee3 or using the supplied base that covered the area of the old unit. I am too impatient to watch paint dry, so I went with the base.