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From the Hive: James Hale

by on September 14, 2015

The following is a customer story from ecobee community member James Hale. Share your story with us today!

James – I recently purchased a new home in Ottawa and have been incredibly excited about it. However, there is one thing that I became quite annoyed with the home. There are large temperature swings in the winter between the basement and the upstairs bedrooms. My family, as well as our guests, would be freezing while in the basement. I would need to constantly adjust the temperature at the thermostat. This would then cause an incredibly warm bedroom at night, so I would need to readjust the thermostat to sleep.

I love my home, but this process was getting tiring. Since installing the ecobee3, maintaining a comfortable temperature in the rooms I use most has been a breeze! I use only the remote sensor’s reading in our bedroom when we go to sleep, and during the winter I will use the Follow Me Feature so ecobee3 recognizes when we head to the basement.

Before, when we went away on vacation, it was frustrating not being able to access my thermostat or change any settings. This meant that when we came back from vacation, our house would be far too hot (in the summer) or cold (in the winter) and we had to wait hours for the house to return to a comfortable temperature. I needed to solve this problem, so I researched wi-fi thermostats. After some research, I decided that the ecobee3 was without a question the best choice.

Initially, I was thrilled with being able to control the furnace settings and the temperature in my home from my phone, from anywhere in the world. This was great for us to use when we were on vacation to ensure that we returned to a comfortable home without wasting any money keeping the AC and heat pumping while we were away. When we discovered the other amazing features on the ecobee3, I was excited about the remote sensors; they were the perfect solution to my problem with uneven temperatures in the home. The more reviews I read about the ecobee3 and the more I learned about the amazing feature set, the more I realized that I needed one.

Although there are plenty of competitors that could have solved my wi-fi issue and change my thermostat settings remotely, there are none other than ecobee that allow me to manage the comfort in the rooms that matter most. The remote sensors were the deciding for choosing ecobee3. Being able to ensure that my bedroom is exactly the temperature I want it to be when I go to sleep is incredibly convenient, and can be found in no other product other than the ecobee3.