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Feature Friday: ecobee3 and your pets

by on September 4, 2015

ecobee3 and wireless remote sensors can distinguish between you and your pets to minimize Follow Me and Smart Home/Away getting triggered by pets. 

This is because of the way the sensors are designed – the movement and thermal energy of pets, which are different from those of humans, do not activate them. For best results, we still recommend optimal sensor placement.

Optimal Sensor Placement

Place or mount the sensors approximately 5 feet off the ground to provide the most accurate ambient temperature reading in the room. Make sure to give it space by not placing it between other objects or behind them. They need to have an open view of the room for ideal motion and temperature reading

You can learn more about the remote sensors on our remote sensor web page, from reading our blog outlining the great features that are available using the remote sensors, and a Guest Post on ideal sensor placement.

A few things to keep in mind for your pet

Although energy savings is our goal, we don’t want you to compromise your pet’s well being, happiness and comfort. Pets have a higher tolerance to temperature differences than we do. The highest temperature your home should be set to when you are away from home is 78 Fahrenheit in the summer, and the lowest your home should be when you are away is 68 Fahrenheit in the winter. Pay attention to your pets, if you find you are coming home to them shivering (in the winter) or panting (in the summer), adjust the temperature a few degrees to find their happy spot.