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Guest Post: Living in “Harmony” with the ecobee3

by on August 13, 2015

The following is a guest blog written by active ecobee community member Andrea Pejrolo. Let us know if you would like to write for the blog!

Since I installed my ecobee3 in my home I have looked for ways to quickly, and efficiently, control it from anywhere. While the iPhone app works great, I wanted see if there were other options available. Now, ideally I would have loved to be able to set the perfect temperature for the air conditioner while watching a movie from the comfort of the couch. This is the ultimate dream for “nirvana movie comfort”!

As soon as I heard that Logitech had updated their Harmony app and firmware for their smart remote controllers I was extremely excited! I have had the Harmony Home Control for almost a year now, and I have already been controlling all my entertainment equipment plus my Philips Hue lights. Now it was time to connect the ecobee3.

The setup couldn’t be simpler. If you already have the Harmony system connected, after a quick firmware update you need to add a new device to your setup by selecting the “Home Control” option.

Harmony 2

Next, tap on the ecobee3 device. You will be then prompted to log into your ecobee3 account to grant permission to the Harmony app to access the thermostat control. That’s it! In literally minutes you will be able to control your temperature from your mobile device or remote control.


Now from one single app (or remote) I can control the entertainment system, lights, and temperature! I think this is amazing! Seeing that devices from different manufacturers can communicate seamlessly is inspiring and exciting! The future is now