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Guest Post: ecobee on Windows Phone

by on August 1, 2015

The following is a guest blog written by active ecobee community member Carlos Flores. Let us know if you would like to write for the blog!

As a Windows Phone user several decisions regarding buying new gadgets are defined by the availability of support for our mobile platform and at this time with Windows Phone 8.1 we have limited options. When I decided to buy the ecobee3 thermostat I was able to find the ecobee remote app created by Bernardo Zamora and based on the reviews and listed features gave me confidence to buy an ecobee3. The application is not associated with, or belongs to ecobee. but covers most of the functions you need to fully control your ecobee.

These are the current features of the ecobee remote app:

  • SECURE: Communicate using trusted, secure, two-way PIN
  • DISPLAY: View temperature and humidity
  • ALERTS: App sends you notifications when there are alerts
  • REMOTE SENSORS: Show all the info from your ecobee3 sensors
  • LIVE TILE: Show temperature and humidity, updated hourly
  • EQUIPMENT: See what is running (heater, humidifier, …), near real time
  • HOLDS: Set and remove temperature holds
  • SETTINGS: Set auto/cool/heat/off, humidifier, fan on/off, hold duration, display modes, display brightness, and Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • VACATIONS: View, create or delete vacations (only 1 supported)
  • WEEKLY SCHEDULE: View or change program schedule
  • WEATHER FORECAST: Show weather (optional)
  • PROGRAMS: Modify up to 6 programs (sleep, awake, etc.)
  • ALERTS: View equipment alerts, for example that a filter needs changing
  • MULTI-DEVICE: Support for multiple thermostats
  • ECOBEE SPY: See all the internal values of your thermostat
  • OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE: Display outside sensor temperature, humidity and weather
  • I’M HOME AND I’M AWAY: support for quick changes to temperature
  • HUMIDIFIER AND DEHUMIDIFIER: Turn on/off and set target value
  • EXPERT FEATURES: Turn off thermostat backlight, see weather technical details, and many other features
  • FOLLOW ME AND SMART HOME/AWAY: Full support for these features
  • TRANSPARENT TILE: Support for both classic green and transparent tile
  • THREE GRAPHIC THEMES: Classic (green), night (black), and earth (brown)
  • EDIT THERMOSTAT NAME: No need to use the portal

The application is free to try it for 10 days, after that you are required to buy it for $1.99.

The ecobee remote app does everything you’d expect from your smart thermostat. With this app now I have the peace of mind about my investment in ecobee by having an exact tool to manage my home environment and not a generic tool full of missing features. Now I’m able to know and control my home temperature and receive alerts from my ecobee whether at home, work or on vacation.