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Feature Friday: Access Control

by on August 7, 2015

Access Control uses a 4-digit security code to prevent people, such as guests and children, from making changes to your thermostat settings. When Access Control is enabled, the security code will be required to access and change the following settings:

  • Temperature and Quick Changes
  • Schedule
  • Vacation
  • System and Settings

You can select which of these settings will have restricted access.

To enable Access Control on the Thermostat, select Main Menu > Settings > Access Control > Enable Security Code > Enter a New Code > Save.

To access Access Control at a later date, skip the Enable Security Code step, and enter the existing code. Once you’ve selected Save, you will be given the option to select the feature, or features, you want to restrict access to.

To enable Access Control on the Web Portal, select the Settings tile > Access Control > Enable > Enter a new code > Save > Select the features you want to protect.

To remove an existing security code, Select Main Menu > Settings > Access Control > Enter the existing code > Change Security Code > Delete the existing code > Save.

Note that you are unable to make changes to Access Control on your ecobee Mobile Application.