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Bee-hind the Scenes: Namita Soni

by on August 28, 2015

The following is a story from ecobee employee Namita Soni. Learn more about life at ecobee!

Namita – I love the connected home space. New technology is fascinating to me, so I was naturally drawn to ecobee. My previous jobs were in mobile tech, and I know that home automation is the next disruptor in the tech space. Applying to be the Director of Channel Marketing was the right move for me to continue to follow my passion.

I relish the opportunity to be a part of the “next big thing”. I think ecobee has been a good career move for me because I have only ever worked for big organizations with established reputations. Now, I get to do amazing things and build a reputation from the ground up. The amount I get to learn here is unimaginable and unequivocal.

I used to work for Bell Canada and helped with the latest store redesign. A few years ago we identified a need to completely revamp the stores. I worked on this project from conception to realization. From strategy planning, contract negotiation, and working with the design team, I was part of the process. I’m so excited when I walk past the stores knowing that I was a part of such an amazing feat.

I love the people at ecobee. My team is excellent, and I’ve built awesome relationships with them – we’re like a work family. I also love the work I do and the work environment. At ecobee, it’s a lot of excellent people solving complex problems, so there are a lot of opportunities to learn and do.

As the Director of Channel Marketing, I am in charge of our marketing to our Trade, Utility and Retail partners. I need to help them figure out how to market ecobee effectively. For example, in the Retail channel, out focus is direct-to-consumer marketing, so I need to work out how much to charge retailers and how the in-store displays will look. In the Trade channel, I manage the relationship with our contractors, help work on their business model and make sure that they have the resources they need to succeed. On the Utility side, I work with Utility providers across North America to market rebates and demand response programs.

There are so many challenges in my job that I love! I like having visibility into our multiple channels. So, I know why and how we are making decisions and how the decisions might impact other channels and our customers. I think finding ways to integrate and leverage each channel to make the other more successful is my favorite challenge.

My favorite part of my job is the people I get to work with, internally and externally. I get to build great relationships across North America with both eco-peeps and our partners. I am lucky to work with all of our eco-peeps, internally, and our retail and channel partners such as Best Buy, Apple and Home Depot, USA and Canada, as well as Utility providers across the continent. I work with different distributors, energy companies, and utilities and come up with marketing plans. The sheer breadth of people I get to work with is the most exciting.

A good eco-peep has a can-do attitude and knows how to play well with others. They are never afraid to ask for help, are smart and enjoy solving problems. They are someone who has a lot of integrity and is always willing to do the right thing even if it means doing something that is more expensive or more challenging. My advice is that you need to be a sponge and absorb as much knowledge as possible. Bring your expertise to the table and be willing to share it. We all win, together, so collaborate.

No matter if you are in marketing, finance, engineering, or hardware architecture you must live and breathe our customers’ happiness. No matter which moment of the customer experience you are responsible for, if you want to succeed at ecobee you must have this relentless passion for making the customer experience perfect.