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From the Hive: Dave Cheeseman

by on July 29, 2015

The following is a customer story from ecobee community member Dave Cheeseman. Share your story with us today!

Dave – I am a technology enthusiast who loves toys and technology that make life easier. I first discovered wi-fi thermostats while listening to a podcast and I thought it was a great opportunity for a smart home to do more than turn on lights and open blinds automatically. I love how affordable home automation is becoming.

The biggest benefit for me of the ecobee3 is the reporting that lets me see the actual usage and runtime of my system. Simply looking at your bill only lets you know how much electricity you used. I wanted to be able to make intelligent decisions about how to make heating and cooling decisions my home based on real data. I’m more concerned about comfort, but if I can save a few dollars while making my (very old) home comfortable, that’s a win-win!

After doing a ton of research, the Nest and ecobee thermostats came in as the top two contenders. The feature that sealed the deal for me was the remote sensors. Our old thermostat was behind our entertainment unit, and the heat from the electronics would raise the temperature readings. When we installed a new air conditioner, we asked to move the thermostat to an open wall. We were told that the wall had brick behind it, and it would be expensive and problematic to move the thermostat. The ability to add remote sensors and configure them to ignore the readings from the thermostat when making heating and cooling decisions made the ecobee3 a no-brainer. Later, we discovered that we could move the thermostat after all, and now our beautiful ecobee3 is on an open wall.

It was so easy to install, I did it myself and even ran the new thermostat wire!