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Contractor Spotlight: Solar Chidsey Co.

by on July 27, 2015

The following is a story from ecobee preferred contractor Solar Chidsey Co.  Share your story with us today!

William – I was drawn to ecobee thermostats when my wholesaler recommended them, because of the features and functionality. They showed me the HomeIQ reports in the web portal and the incredible functionality from it being wi-fi enabled. These features truly made ecobee3 standout from the rest.

I personally have an ecobee3 in my home and think it’s the best thermostat. I’m so happy with it, and when ecobee explained to me the amazing feature set and functionality it really opened my eyes to just how important a thermostat is for the home.

ecobee has great technical support, so I know when I am referring this product and my customers have any questions, they will be helped and have a great experience. Because I am the one referring the product and they provide such a positive customer experience it is great for my business.

When I initially saw the product, I realized that the products design and engineering are very innovative. I love the product, and you can tell that the founder and employees at ecobee are true innovators; they are constantly looking for new ways to make the ecobee customer experience better. I want my customers to be satisfied and I know with ecobee that they will be satisfied. In fact, I’ve never had any complaints about ecobee. 

One of my clients purchased five ecobee3 thermostats for some apartments he owns. He loves the product, and the data insight from the Web Portal let him determine where in his apartments’ energy was being wasted. This information provided him with the knowledge to make better decisions on how he heats and cools the apartments, and which apartments needed to have better seals on the windows to improve efficiency. The best part is, this information came with his first HomeIQ report so it did not take long before he was saving even more money. 

I think the home automation industry will grow since Home Automation products help homeowners save energy and energy is becoming a hot commodity. The devices will only get easier to use and install, and the features will only get better. It will become easier for homeowners to save money and save energy. These technologies make it so the world is at our doorstep – I can go anywhere and control these devices in my home. What’s more, because they connect to the Internet, when you purchase the hardware (the thermostat, for example) firmware and software updates are automatically pushed through. Customers’ products are always being updated, so new features and new ways to save energy are available in an instant. Back in the 90’s, when you purchased a thermostat that was it – there were no more updates or feature upgrades unless you were to buy a new product. 

I feel that with ecobee, we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. The product will continue to improve and the customer experience will continue to get better. 


Bill Chidsey