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Contractor Spotlight: Engineered Heating and Air

by on July 13, 2015

The following is a story from ecobee preferred contractor Engineered Heating and Air.  Share your story with us today!

Tom – I am the president of Engineered Heating and Air. We recently started working ecobee and so far we love it. Our distributor was influential in showing us the benefits of ecobee. I like the fact that on dual systems you do not need to run an outdoor thermostat sensor. The accessibility made available through wi-fi for the homeowner is great – homeowners are able to monitor their home, and make changes remotely. It’s also handy for contractors because of the Contractor Portal. With the Contractor Portal we are able to check in on our customers’ equipment and help address issues remotely. 

At first I was skeptical of the product, how could something do so much but be so easy to set up and use? One of our service technicians called us after he installed his first one and said, “this is the neatest thermostat I’ve ever installed, it was simple and it looks great!”

For contractors, the ecobee and the Contractor Portal are great tools to have. They help make our job easier and help us to better serve our customers. All of our customers are happy with their ecobee3, and are very interested when we start telling them about it. Selling ecobee gives us an advantage, and I think that the product has more to offer than others on the market.

I see home automation technology becoming more relevant in the next few years. I think that within 5 years every household will have wi-fi enabled smart thermostats.