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Contractor Spotlight: South Shore Heating and Cooling

by on June 1, 2015

The following is a story from ecobee preferred contractor South Shore Heating and Cooling.  Share your story with us today!

Jason – I work for South Shore Heating and Cooling. We’ve completed nearly 300 ecobee installations since we started working with the company. We have chosen to not work with ecobee competitors.

ecobee products are very easy to use, and customers are always happy with this – I’ve had no complaints from customers. The smartphone application and the thermostat itself are easy to use. My favorite features are the ability to do remote sensing for comfort and the reminders and alerts features for peace of mind.

Customers are enjoying the smartphone application because of the ability it gives them to adjust the temperature. All alerts and issues are sent to me directly through the contractor portal, so I am aware of which customers need assistance or maintenance. I like to look into the reports to see how well the heating systems are working.

In terms of industry trends, adoption rate, and changes in energy needs and consumption, for example, I think everybody is looking for the ability to monitor their homes. I think every new furnace is coming with the ability to connect with ecobee and more people are choosing to use remote devices. The industry is growing a lot now, and will continue to do so.

ecobee helps us to follow up with customers and ensure they are happy, and to help us monitor their HVAC and do good service work for them. If the alarm goes off, they can call us right away or we know and can ensure they are receiving the normal upkeep to make sure that all is working well. ecobee drives frequency of service calls up. The advice I would give to another HVAC person is to use it intelligently for your business. Not only does it learn how to use your customers system efficiently, it provides additional security through monitoring. ecobee offers this insurance to get different alerts to catch something before something major happens, such as drastic temperature changes. For example, it is great for wine cellars with sensors to make sure that all is well, and make sure the expensive product is protected (especially for seasonal homes).