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Contractor Spotlight: Matheny Heating & Cooling Services

by on June 29, 2015

The following is a story from ecobee preferred contractor Matheny Heating & CoolingShare your story with us today!

Ryan – ecobee makes a versatile product; it can be customized to any homeowner’s needs and preferences, in terms of savings and comfort. They’re very easy to sell and install because it’s such a great product. In fact, we complete about 50 ecobee installations a month. After installing an ecobee, we usually get quite a few referral calls from people spreading the word to their friends about how great ecobee is. The ecobee3 also works with many other home automation devices, making it an easy addition to any home.

The ecobee3 with remote sensors was a great addition to the ecobee product-line. It helps keep homeowners comfortable by making the indoor temperature more even. ecobee3 helps to fix temperature issues in any home. All of my customers are very happy with their ecobee, and the rare time when there is a problem, ecobee is quick to resolve it. Their customer support team does an excellent job to resolve customer complaints and questions, keeping them happy.

The alerts and reminders are great. We get to know about a problem before the customers even do. This lets us be on the ball and look great in front of our customers. Homeowners in our area, the Midwest, don’t want to have to do extra if they don’t want to. The easier something is to use, the more clear-cut guidelines there are, the better the customer experience. ecobee is very easy to learn to use and can be used by anyone no matter their knowledge level. It’s an excellent product that makes life easy and more convenient.