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Bee-hind the Scenes: Rohit Siram

by on June 5, 2015

The following is a story from ecobee employee Rohit Siram. Learn more about life at ecobee!

I made a significant career-change when I decided to join ecobee. I have an engineering background and previously worked in strategic investments and IPO’s for tech companies. My passion has always been in the technology field, so I wanted to head back into the industry. I was looking to have a more strategic role without forgoing the technical aspects of the job.

The project manager role at ecobee gave me the best of everything. I get to interact with every facet of the business (sales, product support, marketing, and development, to name a few) and work with product strategy. I answer questions such as “how does this product work in the market?” and “what do we have to do to be competitive?” From there, we execute and work with the other teams to make a successful product.

Currently, I am focused on the utility portfolio of the products. I need to think about a product roadmap and get it approved, then work with the engineering team to develop the product. New product initiatives and product enhancements are key to keeping our customers happy and delivering the best product experience.

When deciding to make the move to ecobee, I wanted to get more operations experience and actually execute strategy, and I get a lot of this. I also wanted to have the ability to interact with the various teams in the organization to get a holistic view of the product gets built and delivered. So, I get both of these. From a learning perspective it is the best I could ask for. Finally, because of the flat hierarchy, I have eyes and ears on the senior management, and this is a valuable learning opportunity for me. When I sit down with such experienced senior management, I learn how they think about products and what it takes to win in the market. I’ve learned to be concise and precise when communicating with them, because their time is valuable and limited.

The Internet of Things is a big trend that I have been following for a while and I wanted to make significant impact on a company, so ecobee seemed like the perfect fit.

Everyone at ecobee pitches in, works hard, and does what is necessary to make the product successful. Even if you are responsible for a specific role in the company, most eco-peeps have the opportunity to help in different ways and gain a breadth of experience. Everyone is helpful, friendly, and patient, which makes for a great working environment.

I was excited about the ecobee3 launch. I was involved all along the way from running the beta program to launching it. Another professional highlight has been helping the marketing team launch a brand new consumer website.

ecobee is quite diverse. Everyone is active and has a dynamic life outside of the office. For example, we have cyclists, runners, and other athletes. Hesham, our VP of IT is a motorcycle enthusiast. We work hard and play hard.

Be excited to learn, help others, be excited about the product, and be proactive in your role if you want to work and succeed at ecobee. Our goal is to make the product better and make sure that our customers are always happy. These are our core values, so these are great aptitudes to have. Experience only goes so far. It’s great to bring new perspectives to the table and be someone who brings out our values.