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Bee-hind the Scenes: Madeleine Spence

by on June 22, 2015

The following is a story from ecobee employee Madeleine Spence. Learn more about life at ecobee!

I learned about ecobee from my friend Andrew, who works on the marketing team. He had been working there for a few months, and he was always raving about how great it is to work at ecobee. I worked a different job, and we took the train home together. Every night he would tell me about how much he loved it. I was interested in making a career change, one where I could be as enthusiastic as he was.

ecobee is a growing company, and after they had moved offices, they posted a job offer for Office Coordinator. This job seemed like an excellent opportunity to get my foot in the door of such a great company, so I applied, and here I am.

Coming from a competitive and cutthroat work environment, I am very excited to work in a place where I can be myself and where I could be comfortable. Everyone here is hard working, but it’s collaborative. Everyone here is so creative and open to all types of ideas, which makes for a fantastic place to work.

My typical day involves checking emails, corresponding with suppliers, ordering office supplies, and resolving employee requests or issues. I do some filing, copying, planning, and meeting organization. It’s great – I get to interact with everyone in the office. I also help the accounting team with their responsibilities by inputting vendor invoices, delivering the mail, sending invoices to our customers (such as Home Depot, Best Buy, and our ecobee-preferred contractors). I also am the lead fire safety warden, which is great fun!

I’m learning a lot about accounting, and I am learning so much as the Office Coordinator. Interacting with such a diverse range of people every day is educational. I love that it’s a growing company and what I am doing is affecting the long term of the company. New people are joining all the time, which is helping me learn more about the business, the different roles, and how to manage more people and their needs.

To be a good eco-peep, you need to be a Ping-Pong master! All kidding aside, you  need to be friendly, outgoing and someone who can be comfortable taking charge. Work hard, be smart, and be dedicated to your job. Be open-minded and ready to learn and grow. ecobee is an excellent opportunity for anyone!

ecobee is a great a place to work, you get to work hard at a job you love, and you get to build lasting relationships with great co-workers. It’s nice to know that a company that is successful has roots in such a great city, has a great office culture and gives us the best work environment you can dream of. People think of successful companies as being overly corporate and stiff, but ecobee gets the best balance between success and a comfortable work environment. People are always surprised coming to our office – it’s bright, open, inviting, fun. And that’s just the office itself, let alone the amazing people who reflect these characteristics and ideals.

At ecobee, be prepared for a great career-changer. It’s a unique office culture. It’s a balance between working hard and having fun at work. It’s to know that we as a team work together we well and that we have that outlet of fun and friendship.

I’m a musician, and I’m excited about how technology is starting to affect music composition. There’s a new app called StaffPad that makes composition much easier. Before, we had to input individual notes on Sibelius, which is tedious. This app lets you draw it in, so the process is a lot easier.