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From the Hive: Sara Brandt

by on May 25, 2015

The following is a customer story from ecobee community member Sara Brandt. Share your story with us today!

Sara – I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and was raised being told to open a window, grab a sweater, or wear something lighter before even thinking of touching the thermostat. Our thermostat was always programmed in “save money” mode which often meant hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and no schedule whatsoever.

Now I am a wife, a new mother, and an engineer by profession, living in my first home in North Texas. My “save money” roots are still present and now accompanied by a desire for an efficiently run home. The combination of these two traits drove me crazy when the temperature in our bedroom would fluctuate at night and run warmer than the rest of the house in the winter with a traditional thermostat. I would go to sleep comfortable, then wake up sweating, only to find the rest of the house was at a comfortable temperature. Upon the birth of our first child, a consistent bedroom temperature became an unquestionable requirement for me.

I had previously seen the ecobee3 and its unique remote sensors and I knew our family had to try it. With the main thermostat in the living room and one remote sensor in our bedroom, I was relieved to have a stable temperature from the reliable sensor in our bedroom at night. This means our bedroom is comfortable while we’re sleeping, and the temperature in the other rooms of our home are disregarded by the thermostat depending on our schedule. Ultimately, since our bedroom runs warmer, this saves us money by lowering the average temperature across the entire home, but keeping the bedroom the perfect warmth.

Since then, we have used the remote sensor in other rooms as well. When we spend a lot of time in the kitchen with multiple burners and the oven on, the sensor goes in there with us. If I’m home alone giving the bathroom a deep clean, it’s in there with me.

My plans for our ecobee3 are to acquire more sensors so we can utilize their motion detectors and no longer carry our one sensor from room to room with us. I am also planning to install a second thermostat upstairs for our remaining bedrooms and game room. I am very excited to see what the developers at ecobee are coming up with to help further optimize its consumer’s comfort and cost savings.