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From the Hive: Kenneth Bartram

by on May 11, 2015

The following is a customer story from ecobee community member Kenneth Bartram. Share your story with us today!

Kenneth — I work in the energy conservation industry, in the HVAC and lighting controls sector. I have over 20 years of experience and I believe that everyone can make a positive contribution to our society and to our environment.

My wife and I own a farm, and with help from our children, produce the majority of what we eat. While our farm is very environmentally friendly we actually started farming because you just can’t beat the quality of food produced at home. We also raise the vast majority of our meat and even produce our own dairy products, all without negatively impacting the environment. I have spent a lifetime learning about and working on solutions that are not just environmentally impactful but also make financial sense.

With all the years I have spent in the controls industry I realize that the residential market is the least served. I knew I could do more in a way that made financial sense and started looking into all options to help make a difference both in my energy spend, and just as important, with regard to comfort issues I had in my home. After exhaustive research I came to the conclusion that ecobee was the only truly viable solution.

We believe the ecobee3 thermostat makes sense in every way. Even if you don’t care about the environment, the financial impact will result in you saving far more than the cost of the thermostat and sensors. It is like having an employee working to save you money every month.

We have a large home and a large family so the wireless remote sensor features such as “Follow Me” and “Smart Home/Away” really make sense for us. ecobee is the only solution with multiple wireless remote sensors and web based controls that is affordable.