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Feature Friday: Home IQ Runtime Report

by on May 15, 2015

The Runtime Report allows you to see the difference in how much your heating and cooling runs with the ecobee3 (compared to an indefinite hold at 72 Fahrenheit).

Using this information, it will provide a summary of how your heating and cooling equipment is performing month over month. Your equipment’s performance, or overall runtime, is affected by your schedule, and the setbacks you create for your Away and Sleep Comfort Settings. You’ll notice that the most savings are made when you create these setbacks when you’re not home, so you’re saving money without compromising your home comfort.

When you click the HomeIQ tile in your ecobee Web Portal, you will be taken to the HomeIQ Overview. From here, you can see a snapshot of your HVAC equipment runtime, home’s energy efficiency, and the percentage you’ve saved off your energy bill.


You can see in the example below that this system ran for 31 fewer hours with an ecobee3 compared to a “dumb” thermostat, saving 26% or $34 on the home energy bill.


To access your Runtime Report, after logging on to your Web Portal, select the Home IQ tab. Then, select See Your Monthly Report.