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Feature Friday: Home IQ Home Efficiency Report

by on May 29, 2015

The Home Energy Efficiency report tells you how well your home retains heat or cool relative to other homes in your state or province. This is determined by measuring how quickly, or slowly, the temperature in your home increases or decreases from your desired setpoint after the equipment has turned off.

Home Efficiency

This information provides a strong basis to learn more about your building’s thermal envelope. Your building’s thermal envelope is comprised of the physical traits of your building, and how well it maintains your preferred home temperature and prevents the outdoor climate at affecting your indoor climate. The physical traits include the shell (roof, walls, and windows) of the building, the insulation in your home, the energy efficiency of your windows and doors, and the overall energy-tightness of the home.

Knowing how efficient your home is compared to others in your province or state helps you understand what you can do in order improve your home’s efficiency. 

After all, you know how old your home is, when the last time you re-insulated your home was, how thick your door is, and if you have weather stripping on your windows or not. 

To access your Home Efficiency, select the Home IQ tile on your ecobee Web Portal. From there, select the Home Efficiency tile on the top right.