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Feature Friday: Home IQ Community Comparison

by on May 22, 2015

Community Comparison, helps you compare your equipment usage and home energy efficiency to similar homes in your state or province.

The Community Comparison also allows you to see how your temperature setbacks during “Away” and “Sleep” periods help you save more and determine what changes you can make to help maintain your comfort and increase your savings.

From Home IQ Overview you can see where your home ranks in your state or province. In the example below the home is among the top 18% in terms of energy efficiency. You can also see that this home has saved 74% on its energy bill based on Runtime Savings.  


Select “View More Comparisons” under Community Comparison to see a more detailed comparison. As you can see in the Home IQ example below, the Community Comparison page also shows you your Comfort Settings and how they relate to the average in your area.

Note the white vertical lines indicating the average home temperature in each setting for other ecobee users, and how this home’s Comfort Settings are ideally set within their comfort preferences but also at a point to save the most energy.

To view the Community Comparison select the Home IQ tile on the Web Portal, then select the Community Comparison tile.