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Contractor Spotlight: LeBlanc HVAC

by on May 18, 2015

The following is a story from ecobee preferred contractor LeBlanc HVAC.  Share your story with us today!

Bryan –LeBlanc HVAC started working with ecobee this year and it’s been a great experience so far. We recommend ecobee products over other smart wi-fi thermostats. We didn’t really sell these types of thermostats to our clients before unless they asked for them, until we started working with ecobee.

We had a lot of issues with Nest since they do not use the Common Wire (C-wire) for a reliable source of power. This meant that the reverse valve was not getting enough energy, ruining some customers’ compressors. This is a big issue that you won’t have with ecobee thanks to the C-wire and the free Power Extender Kit that comes with every ecobee3. You can use the Power Extender Kit if your thermostat does not have the C-wire so you don’t have to run a new wire.

Our customers love the big touchscreen, how easy the ecobee3 is to use, and the features and options that help improve our users’lives. For example, the wireless remote sensors, and the Smart Home and Smart Away settings are great benefits. We haven’t heard a single negative complaint since we started working with ecobee.

My house is zoned, and ecobee makes it’s easy to group multiple thermostats in my home. It’s straightforward to learn and use an ecobee. Other smart thermostats don’t have enough features and you can’t do as much with these thermostats as you can with the ecobee3. I love the mobile app and other smart features that keep my house comfortable.

I particularly like the contractor portal. It makes it easy to add a customer’s thermostat so I can make sure everything is performing well and see if they need any service or maintenance. This has been useful to win service contracts and to make sure that my customers are always happy.