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Bee-hind the Scenes: Christina Tiffin

by on May 8, 2015

The following is a story from ecobee employee Christina Tiffin. Learn more about life at ecobee!

Christina – I’m the User Interface Designer. So that means I’ve had a hand in creating anything visual on the mobile and web apps, and on the thermostat. I love that something I created is hung up and displayed in so many homes. Working at ecobee has been incredibly rewarding.

Before joining ecobee, I worked for a startup in California. I was able to experience the business from conception to launch. The startup was a success and we sold to a larger company. I was looking to transition back to Toronto, and I found ecobee in my job search. I couldn’t turn down the role. It was everything I was interested in – I wanted to work with a startup where I could have an impact on its development and growth.

I like working in an environment where people are passionate about what they do. It makes coming to work exciting. Everything that happens at ecobee is collaborative; everyone at ecobee has a hand in making the product, from concept to completion.

The beauty of what I do is that there is no such thing as a typical day. I usually start by looking at my meetings for the day and doing any prep for my day ahead. For example, looking at my project list and wireframes to see what I need to do. Then, I design specifications provided to me by the User Experience team. I work with the development team to make sure designs match what is being developed and deployed. I also make tweaks to past designs for updates and application update rollouts.

I’ve been able to be a part of so many different departments and get a breadth of experience, as opposed to what I would have experienced at an agency or a design company. I’m part of a team that lets me do what I love most.

A professional highlight for me is the ecobee3. It’s really a labour of love. It was the first project on which I was the design lead. It was also the most collaborative project I worked on. I worked with so many different teams to put this amazing product out there.

To be successful at ecobee you need to be truly passionate about what you do, and in other aspects of your life. You need to be someone who can come to work and be a part of the ecobee environment and when you leave work, you pursue your passion. For example, Bill (Director of Manufacturing) scuba dives, Barbara (from Business Development) cycles, Jocelyn (Graphic Designer) boulders, and I run. We’re more than just ecobee, and ecobee is more than just thermostats because of these people. It adds diversity to the workplace.

After winning a large utility order, we shaved Stuart’s (our CEO) head to celebrate reaching this milestone. Most people aren’t aware just how much fun life at ecobee is. I’ve made real friendships with my colleagues. When we leave work, we still talk and hang out. It’s so nice to have this.

Because we’re in the tech industry timelines are short to push a product out, and stress can sometimes run high. Because we have such a good time, everyone is able to rally together and it’s taught me to be a great team player, time manager and how to better manage my stress in both work and in life.

If you apply at ecobee and want to succeed, be yourself! We’re a fun group of people. There’s a broad spectrum of personalities here, so it’s definitely a good fit for anyone! Have an open mind and get ready to collaborate.