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Feature Friday: Thermal Protect

by on April 3, 2015

The Thermal Protect feature of your ecobee3 is designed to keep your home comfortable even when your thermostat loses its connection to a wireless remote sensor, or a sensor is placed in a suboptimal location.

You can ensure that the wireless remote sensors measure your home’s temperature accurately by not placing them in sub-optimal locations such as enclosed areas (closets, drawers), near sources of heat (next to the stove or windows) or cold (such as drafty windows).

You can configure the Thermal Protect range by navigating to Settings > Installation Settings > Thresholds on the thermostat. This range tells your thermostat the maximum difference allowed between the thermostat and hottest or coldest rooms in your home. If a sensor measures a temperature that is significantly outside of this range, it probably means the reading is inaccurate. Your ecobee3 will ignore this inaccurate reading to prevent your heating or cooling from running excessively.

If you intentionally place a sensor in a room that significantly deviates from the Thermal Protect range, you should also tell your ecobee3 to exclude this temperature reading from your home average.

To further protect your home from extreme cold, if your ecobee3 or wireless remote sensors detect that your home is below 41 Fahrenheit (5 Celcius), ecobee3 will automatically run your heating to maintain this temperature.