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ecobee3 Update 3.6: What’s new in the web portal?

by on April 2, 2015

Update 3.6 brings several major improvements to the ecobee3 web portal.

Real-time visibility and more granular control of your wireless remote sensors

The sensor participation feature enables you to choose which of your sensors to use for each of your comfort settings (Home, Away, Sleep, and custom comfort settings).

For example, using the Sensor Participation setting, you can choose to use the sensor in the living room when you’re “Home” (say from 6 PM to 9 PM) and use the sensor in the bedroom during “Sleep” (say from 9 PM to 7 AM), but use the sensor in the baby’s room during both the “Home” and “Sleep” periods.

To configure your sensor participation settings, navigate to Menu > Sensors > Sensor Name (the sensor you want to edit the settings for) > Participation > and select all of the comfort settings you want this sensor to participate in.

Alternatively, you can also navigate to Menu > Comfort Settings > Select a comfort setting > and choose all of the sensors you want to participate in this comfort setting. Please review our FAQs to learn more about about the remote sensor status icons.

Please note: you must have at least one sensor participate in each comfort setting (by default this will be the sensor in your ecobee3 thermostat).

Better management of groups

Visual improvements to the groups in the web portal allow for easier management of multiple thermostats in your home and across properties.

Home IQ Overview

This provides you with a quick summary of how your home and heating and cooling equipment are performing each month, broken down into the following categories:

  • Home IQ Runtime Report: See how much less your heating and cooling runs with your ecobee thermostat (compared to a thermostat at 22C/72F and hold)
  • Community Comparisons: See how much you use your heating and cooling compared to others in your state or province
  • Home Efficiency: Your home’s efficiency in maintaining temperature (retaining heat/cool) compared to others in your state or province

While the Overview tab gives you a snapshot of this information, you can click any of these tiles to view the full report for more information. Let’s take a look at what each of these reports provides.

Home IQ Runtime Report

This compares your equipment runtime (how long your heating or cooling ran for) to the runtime of a non-programmable thermostat operating under similar weather conditions (and set to a 72F/22C hold). Furthermore, we use this data along with your property characteristics and equipment configuration to estimate energy costs, monthly savings, and aggregate savings since you registered your ecobee thermostat.

Community Comparisons

This helps you understand your equipment usage compared to others in your state or province to get a sense of relative performance and help you track your progress towards improving your performance. To make these comparisons fair, irrespective of size of home or equipment characteristics, they are based on runtime saved relative to a 72F/22C hold benchmark. You can also see how your temperature setbacks during an “Away” or “Sleep” period contribute to greater savings.

Home Efficiency

This gives you an idea of how efficient your home is in maintaining temperature (how quickly it heats up, cools down, and how long it stays at a temperature for). We compare your home’s efficiency to other homes in your state or province. Think of this as a free home energy audit!

In this report, we look specifically at your home’s building characteristics instead of your ecobee’s or heating and cooling equipment’s usage. This is a good starting point for learning more about your building envelope, air leakage, and how effectively your home is insulated.

Please note that we will be doing a staged rollout of update 3.6 over the course of April to ensure a great customer experience. You can download the new ecobee3 mobile app for iOS and Android right away, however, the new features will become available on your app, thermostat, and web portal, once update 3.6 has been applied to your ecobee3 thermostat.

Thank you for your continued support. Keep the great feature suggestions coming and we’ll keep on delivering!