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Contractor Spotlight: JEM Heating & Cooling

by on April 20, 2015

The following is a story from ecobee preferred contractor Joseph Merlo. Share your story with us today!

Joe – I’m from JEM Heating & Cooling. Everyone who has an ecobee loves the ecobee products. I’ve already installed so many, and have not had a problem that I could not fix. The ability to have additional sensor for monitoring is a great feature that has helped my clients in the past to deal with temperature and climate related emergencies.

I see companies in the home automation industry gaining a lot of customers. The industry has a lot of potential, and will offer even more benefits in the long run. I’ve been doing a lot more advertising to be able to do more work on connected homes. It’s smart, because people love the convenience of monitoring their homes and controlling their equipment from their smartphones. A lot of people want a smart home. I try to make my services more attractive to these people, as it’s where the industry is going.