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ecobee3 wins Tom’s Guide Editors’ Choice Award

by on March 30, 2015

The ecobee3 smarter wi-fi thermostat is on a hot streak. After winning the coveted PCMag Editors’ Choice Award in January, ecobee3 has been awarded the Tom’s Guide Editors’ Choice award. Reviewer Mike Prospero calls ecobee3 his “favorite thermostat to date.”

Mike discusses the design flaw in other thermostats — because ordinary thermostats measure temperature in only one room, it’s difficult to be comfortable in every room. ecobee3’s wireless remote sensors address this by measuring temperature in multiple locations and helping eliminate hot and cold spots in your home.

You can read the full review here to learn more about the amazing features on ecobee3 that help improve your comfort when it matters, and help you save whenever possible.