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Your ecobee smart thermostat now integrates with IFTTT for a more connected home

by on March 11, 2015
ecobee supports IFTTT

Have you ever had a great idea for integrating your ecobee with other smart technologies in your home, but didn’t know where to begin? With today’s launch of ecobee’s IFTTT channel, you can start connecting your favourite web services to your ecobee thermostat – no programming required – just use the recipes below. Learn more about IFTTT or dive right in!

While you can always use these recipes right out of the box, you are more than welcome to tweak them to suit your needs.

Here are some recipes to get you cookin’

The first two recipes showcase how we’ve brought geolocation to your ecobee smart thermostats! These particular recipes are best enjoyed by those who don’t have a regularly scheduled shift at work.

1. Just got to the office? Oh well, only 8 hours to go before party time. In the meantime we’ll set your thermostat to Away so you can save money while you make money!

IFTTT Recipe: When I get to the office, set the thermostat to Away.  connects ios-location to ecobee

2. Is it 5 yet? Yes it is, let’s get outta here! Use this recipe to set your thermostat to Home as soon as you leave work.

IFTTT Recipe: When I leave the office, set my ecobee to Home connects ios-location to ecobee

3. Do you live in a home that’s aging gracefully like Dame Helen Mirren? How lovely for you! Use this recipe to make sure you run the heat a little longer to give those pipes a little extra TLC and ensure they don’t freeze when it gets too cold.

IFTTT Recipe: If it is very cold, run the heating a little extra to prevent frozen pipes connects weather to ecobee

4. While it’s great that ecobee3 makes it easy for everyone in the family to control the thermostat, sometimes you have to keep those unruly kids at bay! With this recipe you’ll be notified every time the teenagers crank up the heating or cooling. Parents really do have eyes in the backs of their heads.

IFTTT Recipe: Tell me when someone changes the temperature connects ecobee to android-notifications

5. Have guests coming over to discuss the latest New York Times Bestseller? Well aren’t you fancy! Make sure the den is nice and cozy before the book-lovers arrive; nothing pairs with wine quite like comfort!

IFTTT Recipe: Warm up the house for  Thursday book club meetings connects date-time to ecobee

6. Going on vacation? Oh, how lucky! With this recipe, create an event in your calendar with the word “vacation” and we’ll auto-magically create a vacation event on your ecobee schedule. Planning for a vacation just got easier.

IFTTT Recipe: Add a vacation to your calendar? Create a vacation on your ecobee.  connects google-calendar to ecobee

How will you get the most out of your ecobee using IFTTT?

Thanks to the great feedback from all our beta testers, we are launching our channel with 10 triggers, 7 actions, and 12 recipes, to get you started. We are so excited to see the recipes you will build for your ecobee using IFTTT that we’re giving away 2-packs of wireless remote sensors to the creators of the 4 best recipes. Send your recipes to [email protected] by March 19, 2015!