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Contractor Spotlight: Endure Electrical

by on March 23, 2015

The following is a story from ecobee preferred contractor Alan Olive  Share your story with us today!

Alan – I am the co-founder Endure Electrical Ltd. The weather varies a lot in Calgary, and ecobee helps keep users be comfortable at all times.

I think it’s easy for contractors to understand the benefits of ecobee. The monitoring, easy installation, and consistent customer satisfaction really make it a great product. Customers appreciate ecobee, especially when there is an issue with their furnace and home. ecobee makes it quick and easy to resolve these issues with either the smartphone application or the contractor portal.

My contractors love the ecobee product, especially for the data logging features. It helps them to see what is happening on our clients’ thermostats and with their systems, and helps us to ensure that everything is running well. The customer and contractor alerts for issues and maintenance are great! The ecobee features all work to give homeowners peace of mind.

The data logging features and the customer and contractor portals really set ecobee apart and above the other smart thermostats out there. The portal makes it easier to get on a computer and see what is going on with a project, and to see what has been happening in a homeowner’s home, to reach customers, and to have information ready for them to help with troubleshooting. For bigger homes, the wireless remote sensor help eliminate hot and cold spots throughout the house.

The benefits are an eye opener, they truly are a value add for the customers and make them very valuable for the price point.