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From The Hive: Monte McGlaun

by on January 5, 2015

The following is a customer story from ecobee community member Monte McGlaun. Share your story with us today!

Monte — I am a mechanical engineer with a professional background in energy modelling for commercial buildings and in solar thermal research. My family tells people that I was green long before anyone else cared much about conservation. In 1989, I designed our new home with function, beauty, and energy efficiency in mind.

We have needed a new thermostat with programming capability. When I saw that wi-fi enabled thermostats were available, the concept was perfect for our lifestyle. My research took me to Consumer Reports for reviews, and ecobee was at the top of the list. The Nest was advertising heavily in the media, but reviews from users were marginal to poor.

ecobee’s site sent me to a well known HVAC contractor in my community who recommended the Smart Si model for our two systems. He installed the two Si’s, connected them through my Wi-Fi, and it’s been smooth sailing. Programming was easy with the web app. We use the ecobee app on our iPhones and iPads, and find it convenient to set the temperature back during short or long trips from home. The continuous logging of my home’s thermal performance was a big feature that I wanted; the ecobee website reports from my Si’s gives me the clear tracking of our home’s energy performance.

I have recommended ecobee to fellow engineers, family members, and friends. The Smart Si and wi-fi interfaces are jobs well done.