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Is ecobee The Right Choice For Me?

by on September 9, 2014

ecobee smart thermostats improve home comfort and maximize savings from heating and cooling costs. As previously discussed, this is accomplished by a combination of the schedule, smart algorithms, and improvements in usability and convenience of use.

With an ecobee smart thermostat you can:

  • Take advantage of a full-color LCD screen, touchscreen or push-button interaction, pre-programmed comfort schedule, and a guided installation and setup process.
  • Create a unique schedule for every day of the week, complete with an unlimited number of activities per day and a custom comfort setting for each activity.
  • Automate comfort and savings by relying on our proprietary DataRhythm Technology and smart features that ensure your home is always at the temperature you want, without running your heating or cooling equipment more than necessary.
  • Remotely monitor and control your thermostat for ultimate peace of mind and to accommodate any unexpected changes in your daily plans.

Here are some questions that will help you make a decision:

Are you a homeowner or do you plan on staying in your current rental for a while? 

If yes, then it makes sense to buy a smart thermostat. If you’re renting, you may have to seek permission from your landlord before making the upgrade. Also, if you plan on taking the thermostat with you to your next place, make sure it will be compatible before you move.

Are you able to install the thermostat yourself?

ecobee smart thermostats come with how-to videos, a quick start guide, a user manual, and a guided setup process on the thermostat itself to make installation and setup incredibly easy. If you require a professional installation, that’s not a problem either, make sure you comparison shop and choose a certified installer.

Are you committed to creating and following a program?

As I’m sure you understand by now, the biggest source of savings from a smart thermostat is the schedule, and ecobee smart thermostats are designed to make this process incredibly easy for you:

  1. All ecobee smart thermostats come pre-programmed with a schedule designed to deliver comfort and savings right out of the box. This means if you don’t want to create a personalized schedule, the thermostat already has one in place that has been shown to work for most people.
  2. If you don’t want to use the pre-programmed schedule, you can create a personalized schedule for every day of the week.
  3. You are never forced to follow the schedule. You can make changes to your schedule, or step outside of your schedule for a specified period of time, by remotely accessing the ecobee web portal, using the mobile app, or making the change directly on the thermostat.

Do you have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer?

Even though you don’t need any of these devices, they help you get the most out of your smart thermostat’s remote monitoring and control capabilities, as well as accessing your online tools through the web portal.

Is your HVAC equipment compatible with ecobee smart thermostats?

ecobee smart thermostats are compatible with over 95% of HVAC systems installed in North American homes. Odds are very good that the thermostat is compatible and you can use our online compatibility checker or talk to our technical support team to confirm compatibility before you make a purchase.

Yes, to everything

Homeowners upgrading from a manual thermostat or a basic programmable thermostat have the highest savings potential with the ecobee smart thermostats. However, even folks with more sophisticated thermostats can benefit from upgrading to ecobee. Think of it this way — increasing home comfort and cost savings is partly driven by technological advancements and partly driven by a change in user behaviour. Because our thermostats were designed with usability and convenience in mind, they are easier to personalize to adapt to your life, therefore can lead to savings where more complicated thermostats may lead you to put them in a permanent hold.