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5 facts about your old mercury-filled thermostat

by on December 10, 2013


Are you installing a new ecobee thermostat soon? That’s great news!

But after your install, please make sure to recycle your old mercury-filled thermostat properly, because it can be very harmful to you and to our environment.

5 facts about your old mercury-filled thermostat:

  1. Mercury thermostats contain approximately 2.5-10 grams of mercury. (
  2. One mercury-containing home thermostat has the capacity to contaminate a 20-acre lake. (Earth 911)
  3. Mercury can inhibit the development of the brain and nervous system in young children and women of child-bearing age. (
  4. When mercury enters our environment, it becomes part of the food chain for all living organisms. Mercury does not break down, so it builds up in fish, birds and people. (
  5. There are 12 states where it is illegal to dispose of a mercury thermostat any other way than by recycling: California, Iowa, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Vermont. (Thermostat WiFi)

Looking for a drop-off location near you? No problem!

US residents: Find a public drop-off location with the Thermostat Recycling Corporation.

Canadian residents:  Find a public drop-off location through the Switch the Stat program.